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Clay Tile

While historically Clay has rarely been used, there has been an increase in the use of Clay for both re-roofing and new home applications since 2010. What most people refer to in Alberta as a “clay” roof is actually a concrete roof tile.

Clay tile comes in similar profiles to concrete tile, but some clay (glazed) can have a noticeably difference appearance. Historically clay is a very ancient and durable roofing material, which if properly fired in the kiln (2000 degrees for 24 hours) has been known to last for hundreds of years in more moderate climates. However there is little history for clay tile service life in our extreme Calgary “freeze/thaw” climate (over 80 cycles per year). As there are no Canadian clay tile manufacturers, the shipping factor renders clay more expensive than a concrete tile application on a double strapped tile installation. However it can come in around the same price range as a concrete double strapped application if priced with a direct to deck application.

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