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Concrete Tile

Concrete Roof Tile is one of the few roofing products with an established performance and service life history. We know they last about 60 to 80 years because they have all over the world. Although more expensive initially than typical asphalt shingle roofing, they are the least expensive roof available on a cost per year (life cycle costing) basis. Value features include: great curb appeal (boost in re-sale value), fire-proof, double roof system (cools in summer and reduces ice dams in winter), non-prorated fully transferable 50 yr. warranty, great choice for the environment (completely re-cyclable and no dump fills).

Almost all tile in Alberta is supplied by Unicrete who have been manufacturing in Calgary since 1978. There is only one profile available for re-roofing (Lightweight Estate) unless an engineering study is done. Lightweight is never used on new construction as all of the regular weight profiles are suitable for new construction projects and are more cost effective. Please browse around and discover the many profile and colour options available.

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