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Metal Roof

Metal roofs have a good reputation overall based on the extremely good past performance of heavier gauge hidden fastener type “standing seam” and copper roofs. Stay away from any “exposed fastener” type metal roofs for residential use. They would be best used in agricultural buildings where a few leaks are not so serious. Many have a roll form attractive profile with painted surfaces, but if they are installed using screws with neoprene washers you are buying a date with ongoing maintenance, as the screw holes leak due to “slotting” caused by the metal expanding and contracting against this fixed fastener. These days there are many newer entries in the metal manufacturing world and research should be carefully done before picking a metal roofing product. Metal roofs by: Edco Arrow Line; http://www.edcoproducts.com/arrowline/index.php Metro; http://www.metroroofproducts.com/and Decra Products; http://www.decra.com/ are all legitimate metal roofing manufacturers that have been around long enough to be considered reputable. The finishes are either “stone coated” or Kynar 500 automotive quality paint – both of which have been shown to weather well. For an overall tour of the metal industry, the Metal Roofing Alliance http://www.metalroofing.com/ is a good resource. Metal Roofs tend to price out somewhere between Concrete and Clay tile roofs.

There are a couple of metal manufacturers that we would class as marketing orientated companies and do not use Roofing contractors (who can choose any of the dozens of good metal products available), but rather use dedicated salesmen who only promote their product. Predictably, their pricing tends to be higher than for equivalent metal products supplied by legitimate roofing contractors – although I’m sure you will be told why their product is much superior to other metal products and that the extra money is due to this rather than the more likely cause of feeding a massive marketing machine. A good place to check the credibility of metal roofs would be with the Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia (BCABC) as they have had many dealings with metal roof types in their home province, and they have a very Professional organization with a number of full time employees doing research into various roofing related questions. Jim Watson; their technical director is a very knowledgeable and unbiased source of information on the various roofing material options. Their phone number is: 604-882-4114.

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