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GEM EuroLite

There is a new product entry now available from Euroshield in Calgary. After years of development Euroshield launched their EuroLite product in 2011. It has generated a lot of interest as it combines the thicker “non’asphalt” look many homeowners are looking for, with a price point in the same range as the higher end 5 and 6 bundle square asphalt products, and below other non-asphalt roofing product materials. The two EuroLite profiles come in three colours and imitate the clean look of real slate and cedar shingles (rather than the thicker cedar shake and concrete slate look of their traditional EuroSlate and EuroShake products). EuroLite is proving to be popular especially in higher end subdivisions where entry level asphalt is generally considered a downgrade. EuroLite uses a self seal adhesive strip on their product rather than the locking mechanism used on Euroshield’s thicker recycled rubber products. This delivers the ease of installation of an asphalt shingle roof while giving a much upgraded look. Of all the newer entries into the roofing product field, we at Canmark feel this one shows the most promise and is proving very popular with the re-roofing public.

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